venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Crazy eyebrows styles

neon aqua eyebrows at Balenciaga

snowflake unibrow by John Galliano

bleached eyebrows for Givenchy

feathered brows at Erin Wasson

Frida Gustavsson for Vogue Nippon June 2010

martedì 27 aprile 2010

Zara may lookbook

I love the clogs and the Miu Miu inspired dress!

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

martedì 20 aprile 2010

Miu Miu DIY

This lovely tutorial shows you how to make some diy Miu Miu inspired tights!
read more here

If i was a rich girl part II

Moschino Cheap and Chic lurex heart dress

venerdì 16 aprile 2010

Take me to the flower shop

Vogue Korea march 2010
via tfs

If i was a rich girl

Yes, i know what you're thinking. Still craving those Miu Miu platforms.

Chasing spring


giovedì 15 aprile 2010

mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Natalia Vodianova

Vogue China, may 2010