domenica 30 agosto 2009

What we'll see next autumn

Baroque inspiration 


Dark velvet

Floral dresses, yet


Puff sleeves

Studs and leather

Leopard prints

Padded shoulders

Plateau Shoes

Unstructured dresses, jackets and coats

Coco bags

Massive boots

A la garconne

Red is the new black

Sequin and shoulder dresses

Militay Jackets


sabato 29 agosto 2009

Ripped jeans

de gustibus non disputandum est!

venerdì 28 agosto 2009

Summer jamboree

pictures from

Summer Jamboree is an international festival about american music and culture of 40s and 50s. Last week i was off to Senigallia, where the festival is held, to take part. There was a huge vintage market but unfortunately i didn't buy anything as prices were quite high. There were also many stalls where people could pay make up artists and hairstylist to get that retro look. I took few pictures with my lomo camera but i still have to develop the film. Too bad taking picture was forbidden in most of the stalls!

martedì 25 agosto 2009

What's cool

Fake Balmain look-a-like dress by H&M

mercoledì 19 agosto 2009


I need to make up my mind. I really can't decide whether to buy them or not. They're quite similar to the ones i saw last time i went to Stockholm at Dinsko. What do you think? 

martedì 18 agosto 2009

Lindsay Lohan on Elle UK

Lindsay looks great, plus i like everything she's wearing in this editorial!

domenica 16 agosto 2009

sabato 15 agosto 2009

White trumpet

French interior designer Julie Rouzioux moved to London four years ago to improve her English.  
She was only going to stay for a year, but then she met improvised music composer Reno Inchenko at her local East London pub, The Griffin.

Music and architecture might not have so much in common at first sight.  But the music geek also happened to be a fashion one: 
before creating his own T-shirt label in 2001, Inchenko obtained an HMD in pattern cutting and garment construction.  
He then enrolled in university to do a BA in sound design.

Rouzioux studied art history and architecture in Paris and Turin.  She also completed a Master’s degree in fashion history.  
Fashion addict and trendsetter, she has always loved vintage clothes and car boot sales.

Together, the sound and interior designers found it more and more difficult not to design. Their creativity had to be expressed – so they made plans.

In 2007 the first White Trumpet womenswear collection was launched for SS 2008, expressing Inchenko’s and his partner’s desire to create wearable and casual but yet sophisticated design.  They imagined basic shapes featuring complex ornamentation (folding, paneling).  
Simple soft fabric garments muted into highly original urban wear thanks to intricate geometric constructions.

The avant-garde and world renowned US store Opening Ceremony noticed the White Trumpet SS 08 collection at a fashion week trade show in Paris.  They were the first to stock the line in NYC and LA.

The second collection for AW 08/09 follows in a similar vein and will be available at Opening Ceremony this autumn.

venerdì 14 agosto 2009


bows are so girly and the funny thing is that you can wear them anywhere you want to!