mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

last news

Last day i went shopping with some friends after my lesson. We walked around naviglio pavese, Milan, and then went to S. Babila and Montenapoleone street. We kinda did window shopping as we were both broke and forgot credit card at home. I saw a really cute Louis Vuitton bag in a vintage shop in Ticinese. It was only 150€. Too bad it had a quite big ink spot on the back!
Monday i did my first e-shopping. I got a cute bag from ASOS.COM for only 25 £. It's like Chanel 2.55 but, of course, it costs way less and it went out of stocking in only 4 days, ahaha.
By the way, i'm planning of coming back to sweden this summer so i should really stop shopping and start saving up some money.
I'm going to a party saturday night but i really don't know what to wear!! Any advice?

I'm totally in love with Steven Meisel's photography and this one is one of my fav editorials ever.

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