domenica 6 dicembre 2009

Christmas is in the air

Yesterday a friend of mine and i went to a great fair which is held every year before xmas in Milan. It's a beautiful exhibition and there were people and stalls from all over the world. We ate biscuits, candies and different kinds of chocolate. I fell in love with an ancient cameo necklace but since it was quite expensive i didn't buy it but now i regret! Instead of spending money on that necklace i got a beautiful light blue cup with a robin on it, hand decorated terracotta, the lady who sold me was from the uk, she eft me her visiting card and this is her website, in case you want to check heramazing works. I also bought a ring, i'll show you someday.

Today i went to a huge mall just outside Milan to get some presents for xmas. I got my mom a Zara dress, and some beauty set from H&M, then i went to Sephora and got myself Ysl top secrets brush and a new lash curler. I love that place, i'd buy anything.Now i'm relaxing drinking hot tea in my new cup and reading Vogue. Tonight i'm baking moose shaped biscuits.I'm off from school until tuesday and, of course, i love it! :)

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