lunedì 6 luglio 2009

Jag älskar Stockholm

So, here i am in Stockholm, finally!
The last time i came here it was really cold and snowy since it was january. Summer is supposed to be hot , isn´t it? but maybe not that much in sweden! This is one of the many reasons ilove this country so much. This morning was a sunny day in milan and when i left it was about 30 degrees. Here in Stockholm it´s 14 so i guess that´s a great deal for someone who loves cold. I arrived at Nyköping in the afternoon, then i took the bus to T centralen and got home. I dropped my bags and decided to go for a walk. As it was already 7.00pm shops were closing but Souk was still open so i went for what was meant to be a window shopping. I found a lovely dress, 50% discount, i immediately fell in love with it and i guess i´m going to wear it tomorrow. It´s still raining so tonight i´m staying home, planning for the next days. Sorry for the bad english, i woke up at 6.00 so i´m kinda tired.

That´s all folks!

Cheers from Stockholm.


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