mercoledì 1 luglio 2009

Summer hairstyle: top knot

source: StockholmStreetStyle, Refinery29

On first noticing a high-knotted hairstyle on a Stockholm street style site, it read initially as more of a Michelle Tanner throwback than a must-do. But while the toddler Olsens or Pebbles Flinstone may have trademarked the cutesy upsweep, these days it's looking great on grown-up girls as well. The style has majorly caught on, seen photographed on fashion folks in and out of Scandinavia, and now even into Williamsburg: Several of the employees of the Swedish-owned Malin Landaeus vintage boutique have been known to sport the look, too.
With no blow-dryers, straighteners, or curling irons needed, the sheer ease of the hairstyle is hard to ignore. In the heat, it's an ideal way to get the hair off your neck without opting for that tough-to-pull-off YSL bowl cut. It works with bangs, no bangs, and face framing strands, and the knot can be styled in the center or favoring one side. We've pulled some of our favorite examples seen in the streets of Stockholm, Munich, Reykjavik, and London.

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